YDE PureSmart Royal Purification

Fits your activities. Fits your wallet.

Starting at RM160

YDE Royal PureSmart packs a 20mW UV-C LED into our bottle capsize. It is designed to be your travelling bottle size. And it destroys 99.9% e.coli in 3 minutes, YDE Royal is ideal for everyday use at the office, gym, other sport activities and even at home.

YDE PureSmart royal bottle UVC Function

Outstanding, Smart. Self-Purifying.

UV rays in the cap will eliminate 99.9995% of microbes and pathogens in your bottle, keeping both water and bottle free of mold, mildew, germs, and odors. 

YDE PureSmart DNA & RNA
YDE PureSmart No Chemicals Used
YDE PureSmart BPA Free
YDE PureSmart No filtration needed
YDE PureSmart - Royal Smart Comparison Chart
YDE PureSmart - Royal Bottle make it yours

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