The Materials

SAY NO TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BOTTLES! SUS 304 Stainless steelKnown as " Food grade stainless steel ".They are High Ductility, Corrosion Resistance, Heat Resistance, Low Temperature Strength, and non-magnetic.Why choose Food Grade Stainless steel water bottle? Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel, Will Simply not Leach Substances to or from Your Drink. SUS 316 Stainless SteelKnown as " Medical grade stainless steel ".Mo is added, which is particularly resistant to Corrosion, Air Corrosion and High Temperature, and is suitable for use in harsh conditions. They are usually used in Seawater equipment, medical, paper, fertilizer production equipment, photography and food industry.Why choose Food Grade Stainless steel water bottle? During testing, we found that the 316 steel offered better insulating properties compared to standard 304-grade steel, or food-grade stainless steel as it is also known.