YDE Zeus Bottle - Malaysia's first UV-C Self-Purifying bottle with reminder.

Fits your lifestyle. Fits your wallet.

Starting at RM160

YDE Zeus PureSmart packs a 20mW UV-C LED into our bottle capsize. It is designed to be your smart drinking partner by reminding you of your proper daily water intake. And it destroys 99.9% of e.coli in 3 minutes. YDE Zeus is ideal for everyday use at the office, home, or for ladies who go on weekend shopping.

YDE PureSmart Home

Smart, Cleaner, Glow

UV rays in the cap will eliminate 99.9995% of microbes and pathogens in your bottle, keeping both water and bottle free of mold, mildew, germs, and odors. 

It also glows when it's time for your next water sip

YDE Smart Series- comparison
YDE PureSmart Zeus - YOUR NAME

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